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General Information

Securipro prides itself in delivering professional and high quality service in the Private Security Industry.  Our combined professional service and experience in the industry exceeds eighty two (82) years.  In addition, two of the Directors served in the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) in the Officers’ Corps.

Securipro by virtue of the wealth of experience and proven track record of performance of it’s Principals, will make the difference in fulfilling your security needs.

Our Growth

Our rapid progress is evident in our current compliment of over 650 Security Officers covering the following geographic areas of:

                              Kingston - St. Andrew - St. Catherine - St. Thomas - St. James St. Ann 

                            St. Mary - Trelawny - Hanover - Clarendon - Westmoreland - Manchester


Our Services

We are committed to our clients’ ultimate satisfaction by the utilization of our professional standards and continuous quality control monitoring assessments.

Our services include but are not limited to the following:

           Unarmed Security Guards - Canines + Handlers - Armed Security Guards - Escort Services                                     Private Investigations - Security Audits - Security Consultancy - Aviation Security                                                                               Cash In Transit (C.I.T.) Services


Our Management Approach

Securipro Limited Management approach for your contract will include the following:


  1. The persons who will be overall responsible for the Clients account are the Directors.  They will be supported by our Operations Manager Howard Davey, Area Managers Edward Hylton and Devon Campbell, Robert Clarke our Branch Manager for the St. James,  Amos Linton our Branch Manager for the St. Ann Region and Frederick Frater our Area Manager for the Manchester Region.


  1. We will select a special cadre of Security Officers specifically for your organization.  This is a pool of persons who will be trained as specialist for your location.


  1. We will establish the need/requirement for each location.


  1. Standing Orders will be prepared. 


  1. Our Security personnel will go through very detailed background checks and previous employment verification as is the case with our officers who are assigned to do Aviation Security.


  1. Our Security Personnel will be inspected and briefed prior to taking up duties.


  1. All of our locations will be equipped with communication (closed user group cellular telephones and radios where required) for contacting our various offices, supervisors and management.


Securipro will keep logs and records of all movements, activities or incidents.


Securipro will endeavor to keep our principal contact at your organization informed of any information pertaining to issues which could be a possible threat/breach to the security of their facilities.


Quality Assurance

Our Security Officers who are assigned to locations are specially selected and in addition to our basic training, they will receive initial training for the new assignment specifically to the hospitality and commercial enterprise industries.  Thereafter annual refresher courses will be done.


Quality Control

Our Security Officers operate on a twelve (12) hours rotation shift basis with five (5) shifts per week and two (2) days off duty.  They are inspected prior to posting on each shift to monitor deportment, grooming and knowledge of the tasks which they are assigned.  Additionally, there is continuous supervision.


Location Supervisor

These are Supervisors who are assigned to the locations as mutually agreed with the client and Securipro Limited.  They provide continuous on the ground supervision in monitoring discipline, proper coverage, the motivation of the Security Officers and ensuring proper adherence to the procedures for the location (Standing Orders) and ensure proper hand over and take over.


Mobile Supervisors

Our Mobile Supervisors carry out round the clock checking of the locations.  They are equipped with mobile telephones and respond swiftly to all abnormalities.  They also liaise with clients during their routine quality control visits, inspect all facilities on the various locations to ensure no deteriorating of standards and make recommendations to enhance security.


Management Visits

Management visits are conducted both day and night to reinforce our quality control.


Monthly Meetings

We also have formal monthly meetings with our clients to review and make proactive decisions in enhancing the security plan.


Specialized Client Services

We provide compimentary presentations for our clients for their staff.  Covering topics such as:

            Security awareness at the workplace - Emergency awareness at the workplace.

                                       Security tips and advice - Personal security






















Recruiting Policy


Securipro Limited standard Vetting and Selection Procedures for potential Security Officers are outlined as follows:


Brief initial interview to ascertain education level this includes the listing below: 

  • At least High School level education

  • Completion of Application Forms

  • Written Mathematics Test (Basic)

  • Written English Test (Basic)

  • Reading, Comprehension and Spelling Test

  • General Knowledge


All applicants must provide at least one form of a Government approved identification and proof of age.


These are preliminary prior to initial interview if they are successful

Each Security Officer has to bring in recommendations from the following:

  • Senior Police Officer (Sergeant and above)

  • Justice of the Peace

  • Minister of Religion

  • Previous employer


A final interview with a Director is done.  They are then fingerprinted for verification by the Criminal Records Office (CRO).


Verification and background checks of information supplied are done.




On successful completion of the above the Security Officers are required to undergo our Basic Security Training Programme.  The syllabus for this includes:

  • Qualities of a good Security Officer

  • Deportment

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Job Risks

  • Residential, Industrial, Hospitality and Commercial Security

  • Rules and Regulations of the Company

  • Emergency procedures on locations

  • Handover/takeover procedures

  • Gate Control

  • Access Control

  • Canine Handling

  • Report and Statement Writing

  • Searching Techniques and Procedures

  • Patrolling and Observations

  • Use of the Baton in Self Defence

  • Communications - use of radios and telephones - etiquette and procedures.

  • Customer Service

  • Basic First Aid

  • Store Detective Techniques

  • Making proper diary entry and logging

  • Reading Duty Rosters


On successful completion of the Basic Training Course they are issued with our company’s uniform, identification card etc. and a formal graduation exercise is conducted which includes their parading fully dressed in Securipro’s uniform for inspection by the Senior Management Team.


New Security Officers are assigned duties under supervision for the first two (2) weeks as part of our on the job training and they serve a probationary period of three (3) months.


Persons Selected for Assignment at the Airports:


  • are not on probation

  • must have the educational capacity to pass the Aviation Training Course.

  • are subject to random polygraph testing before, during and after training (that is also while on the job)

  • would have already fulfilled the requirement for clean Police Records and background verification.

  • are then trained in the areas of Aviation Security and specifically to the functions which they will be required to perform for our client Spirit Airlines. (See our training manual).





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