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                                      Do you have an interest in a career with us?  

           Please review our recruiting policy and if you think you have what                                           we need then give us a call at 908-2408  

                                                                   Recruiting Policy


Securipro Limited standard Vetting and Selection Procedures for potential Security Officers are outlined as follows:


Brief initial interview to ascertain education level this includes the listing below: 

  • At least High School level education

  • Completion of Application Forms

  • Written Mathematics Test (Basic)

  • Written English Test (Basic)

  • Reading, Comprehension and Spelling Test

  • General Knowledge


All applicants must provide at least one form of a Government approved identification and proof of age.


These are preliminary prior to initial interview if they are successful

Each Security Officer has to bring in recommendations from the following:

  • Senior Police Officer (Sergeant and above)

  • Justice of the Peace

  • Minister of Religion

  • Previous employer


A final interview with a Director is done.  They are then fingerprinted for verification by the Criminal Records Office (CRO).


Verification and background checks of information supplied are done.




On successful completion of the above the Security Officers are required to undergo our Basic Security Training Programme.  The syllabus for this includes:

  • Qualities of a good Security Officer

  • Deportment

  • Personal Hygiene

  • Job Risks

  • Residential, Industrial, Hospitality and Commercial Security

  • Rules and Regulations of the Company

  • Emergency procedures on locations

  • Handover/takeover procedures

  • Gate Control

  • Access Control

  • Canine Handling

  • Report and Statement Writing

  • Searching Techniques and Procedures

  • Patrolling and Observations

  • Use of the Baton in Self Defence

  • Communications - use of radios and telephones - etiquette and procedures.

  • Customer Service

  • Basic First Aid

  • Store Detective Techniques

  • Making proper diary entry and logging

  • Reading Duty Rosters


On successful completion of the Basic Training Course they are issued with our company’s uniform, identification card etc. and a formal graduation exercise is conducted which includes their parading fully dressed in Securipro’s uniform for inspection by the Senior Management Team.


New Security Officers are assigned duties under supervision for the first two (2) weeks as part of our on the job training and they serve a probationary period of three (3) months.


Persons Selected for Assignment at the Airports:


  • are not on probation

  • must have the educational capacity to pass the Aviation Training Course.

  • are subject to random polygraph testing before, during and after training (that is also while on the job)

  • would have already fulfilled the requirement for clean Police Records and background verification.

  • are then trained in the areas of Aviation Security and specifically to the functions which they will be required to perform for our client Spirit Airlines. (See our training manual).

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